24 Hours to Give Back 2020

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Suicide is the number one cause of death among our nation's Veterans. They fought for us, now it is time we fight for them. #UnitedWeHeal

The veterans of our country have fought battles on fronts all over the world. They have fought in places we have never heard of, places that civilians would never feel safe. These Veterans have bled and died for us. When they signed that blank check to the people of The United States of America, they told us "I am here, and I will give you everything to protect you".

They did their job protecting us, now it is our job to protect them. More than twenty Veterans are lost to suicide every day. EVERY DAY. These men and women are our nation's greatest strength. They are the life blood of what makes us a great country.

My goal is simple, but powerful. These men and women gave us their mind, body, and soul under their watch. To honor them and show my eternal gratitude for all they have given us, I am going to donate my mind, body and soul for twenty-four hours. I am going to run 100 miles in twenty-four hours. I will be running roughly 200 x 0.5 mile loops mile loops in hopes that others will join me throughout the twenty-four hours. By sacrificing just twenty-four hours of my time I hope to raise awareness, support, and money for these heroes who are struggling right now.

These amazing men and women deserve our unwavering support. By supporting this event and donating to Mission 22 you will honor the sacrifices theses heroes made for us and support them on their journey to heal and find peace.

I invite anyone who wants to support these heroes to attend this event. I invite you to run or walk as many loops as you can (even if it is just one!). You can also create a team to tag-team the whole event or run the whole event solo with me. Supporters are strongly encouraged to cheer on the runners and show support. There is plenty of parking and facilities at the park.

The twenty-four hours begins at 8 AM on Sunday 5/24 and will end at 8 AM Monday 5/25. The loop is in Exploration Peak Park on the SW side of Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you cannot attend, I encourage you to spread the word and donate.