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Mission 22 has partnered with Fayetteville Hyperbarics, LLC to create the Veterans Rehab Project. The creation of this Mission 22 Project will allow us to support veterans through this groundbreaking treatment. We need your help to do that, please donate now to support the Veterans Rehab Project!

Hundreds of Veterans are helped with this Treatment Protocol!

More than 350 Veterans have reclaimed their lives by pursuing a treatment protocol which includes Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). The most effective results are experienced through enlightened clinics offering unique, collaborative regimens.
In Louisiana, Dr. Paul Harch treats Veterans with TBI and PTSD using HBOT. In Colorado, The Miracle Workers of South Boulder Road do the same while adding counseling and a physical training element.

In 2013, Fayetteville Hyperbarics LLC began serving Veterans suffering with TBI and PTSD, using mainly Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Over 50 Veterans have experienced positive benefits solely from this effective treatment. Now, since traveling on a parallel track as the previously mentioned clinics, Fayetteville Hyperbarics has developed into an even more complete Wellness Center. The services have been expanded to include Counseling, Physical Training, and Medical Massage. It has been demonstrated that combining these modalities with HBOT and applying them to Veterans with combat related injuries, can greatly enhance rehabilitation success.
To ensure that as many Veterans as possible are able to access these services when they need them, Fayetteville Hyperbarics Holistic Wellness Center has partnered with Mission 22, a national non-profit organization which helps to provide funding for treatment.
If you are a Veteran in need of rehabilitation for combat related injuries, contact Mission 22 to apply for services through the Veterans Rehab Project.
If you would like an opportunity to support Veterans with effective, proven treatment for TBI, PTSD, and other combat related injuries, Donate Now!

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