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Donate to Mission 22- help provide treatment & end Veteran Suicide

Follow along on Corey's journey from San Diego, CA to Ft Bragg, NC

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My name is Corey Decker. I served 5 years with the 82nd, but sadly had to be medically retired due to injuries. As a former athlete, and stubborn grunt, I've always enjoyed challenges, especially when it comes to helping others. Through those challenges and my own personal journey I've had to learn a lot about myself and others, particularly with the extreme stress that the military life has on not just the individual but the community as a whole.

So for this reason, my father (also served) and I came up with the idea to ride bikes (peddle) starting in San Diego, CA and ending at Fort Bragg, NC. I will ride 4 days per week (160 miles) and rest 3 days giving me time to see the countryside and talk to people about the project and bring awareness to the cause. We plan to depart the 27th of Dec. 2016 and driving to San Diego, Ca. At this point we will rest for a day, and then head to Fort Worth. From San Diego until Fort Worth my father will be my support vehicle.

Here is my trip route if you would like to follow along:

Part 1:

Part 2: