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Mission 22 has three major programs. National awareness for the issues veterans are facing today, large scale public art to honor veterans and funding veterans to receive treatment for Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury and other issues they may be facing through our many partner organizations.

There are memorials dedicated to the fallen warriors of nearly every major conflict in our country's history. They remind us of the sacrifice, they honor those we've lost, and they tie civilian to soldier. But there is no national monument for those who have fallen in the war against Veteran suicide.

With your support, we're going to build one. Let's raise a monument—and awareness. We'll be working with community leaders in locations like Washington DC and New York City to create a permanent exhibit to pay tribute to those we have lost here at home.


The last year our goals for awareness have not only been met but far surpassed what we could have even hoped for. The Mission 22 campaign has brought veteran issues to millions of people so that they too can make a difference. Awareness precedes change and without it we can not heal our nation.


The monument construction has just been completed. We honored 20 veterans who lost their life here at home after serving our country abroad. Please see the Memorial page for photos and to follow progress of the monument. At the location the monument was built we also have a healing art shop where veterans can come and create metal art while they focus on healing. For more info on the memorial please click here.


We have partnered with other great organizations that offer amazing services to veterans as well as doctors and treatment facilities across the country. The VA is a great resource but they are understaffed and underfunded. With your help we can get our veterans the help they need now, without the wait. Our partner organizations specialize in Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, substance abuse and all of the issues veterans are facing today. To see some of the great organizations we have partnered with click here.